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                                 First Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

How do we register?

You can register online under the registration tab at  It takes only a few minutes.

There are three steps to complete your students enrollment in a class.  First, the online registration needs to be completed.  (Call 831-359-0850) if you need assistance with your online registration.  Next you enroll your student in the class that you are interested in.  We can switch your student to another class when we find the best fit for your dancer.  We have a placement class on Thursdays by appointment if you are not sure which level is the best fit for your dancer. And lastly, when you have found the right classes and schedule with the help of Agape Dance Academy faculty, you can fill out an in studio tuition & policy contract. You can see what that looks like or print one HERE.

What do dancers need to wear?

All dance  classes at Agape Dance Academy  follow a school wide dress code. 

You can receive a 10% discount on your dance wear by using our discount code TP42297

online at  The recommended dance wear items can be found in the upper left corner under "Find Your Class List".  Just type Agape Dance Academy in the search and you will find our dress code.  Primary ballet dresses are only available for purchase at the studio.  All other items can be found at this site.

All ballet and ballet/ tap combo classes wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Shoes and tights can be purchased online at, or at  Payless Shoe Source, Aptos Shoes & Apparel, or Santa Cruz Dancewear.

Primary ages 3 & 4 wear a special special light pink ballet dress available for purchase at the studio or www.dancewearsolutions.  The style number is D3838.  

Primary ages 5,6, & 7 wear the same dress as above in the color copen blue.  We are adding lavender to this age group this spring.  Students can chose either color to wear in class.

Combo 7,8 & 9 wear this same dress as above in the color black.

Levels 1-6 wear a black leotard with pink tights and pink shoes. The recommended style # N5501C (for children) and #N5501 (for adults) can be seen at  These leotards run very small so order accordingly.  For upper division students,  there is a free colored leotard day on Saturdays.  Dance skirts may be worn for pointe classes only.

Boys:  White fitted T-shirt, black tights, white socks, black ballet shoes.  Black  bike shorts may be worn in place of tights.

In the winter months tight fitting pink wrap around ballet sweaters may be worn over leotards as found at style # cs301c.

Adults dancers can wear any dance wear items of their choosing.

Jazz, Hip-hop dancers wear black leggings with fitted tops and jazz shoes.

Why do we enforce a dress code?

Ballet is both a beautiful art form and a discipline.  Student's learn the beauty of

dance and the aesthetics that go with it including clothing, costuming, hair and make-up, creating long lines with their bodies, attention to detail and thoughtful preparation for their daily classes.  The dress code reinforces all these values and is part of the international culture of ballet.

What about Boys?

Boys are an integral part of the dance world today.  In fact boys are often favored for the full tuition dance scholarships of today.  At Agape Dance Academy the boys are trained in the art of "Pas-de-Deux" or partnering classes and the students thoroughly enjoy the study of this art form!.  It takes some superb cross fit strength to lift ballerinas overhead!!  FYI... most professional companies are made up of 50% men  and 50% women.  Eight to ten years of age is the ideal time to begin the serious training for male dancers.  


How much does it cost?

The detailed tuition & fee schedule can be found under the registration tab.

There is an annual registration fee of $40 due in August or upon enrollment.

Tuition is calculated for a 10 month term from August thru June. (Aptos is a year round school.) Tuition is the same whether the month is as long as 5 weeks or as short as 2 weeks.  Holidays are also calculated into the yearly tuition that is paid in ten installments via automatic debit.  You may receive a discount of 10% if you chose to pay your tuition in advance of either 5 or 10 months.  A semester of post dated checks may replace the auto debit system if preferred.  To find how much your tuition is , you may add up your total family hours PER WEEK and find the monthly installment next to it on the fee schedule.

Are there any extra fees?

Yes, if your student participates in our performances such as the  Nutcracker, the Spring Concert,

Choreographers Showcase, Santana Row Dance Festival, etc., you will pay an extra performance fee.  Agape Dance Academy is also proud to send our dancers to the prestigious Youth American Grand Prix ballet each winter in San Francisco. 

Select dancers are chosen to represent the studio at this event which  incurs extra fees according to the division that they are competing in.  See for more information on this wonderful opportunity.  Agape Dance Academy students are encouraged to audition for prestigious dance school's worldwide.  Most of these audition tours happen in San Francisco in January and February.  We have student alumni that have been accepted and  been awarded full ride scholarships to University's and dance programs such as Belhaven University, Ballet Austin, Ballet San Jose & more.

What if we have to miss a class?

Dancers can take make-up classes at their level or below if they need to miss classes.  Good attendance should be emphasized to enhance proper training techniques.  Dancer's training schedules demand extraordinary study skills and organization which lead to great skills and lasting  benefits for a life time of future achievements.

Why choose Agape Dance Academy?

Agape Dance Academy provides world class dance training in and environment that supports dancing for great purposes, building strong character values, giving back to our community, and living with faith and love.

The fruits of training here can be seen in the joy of dancers of all ages, and the amazing skills of the most advanced dancers.  Come see for yourself!

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Feel free to contact us with more questions anytime at (831) 359-0850.

We'd be glad to answer your questions.

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